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Bracky Builds a New Den

Bracky Builds a New Den is the tale of a happy dinosaur whose life is turned upside down when a family member suffers a serious injury.

Aimed at children living in similar circumstances, the book has been developed by Fletchers Serious Injury following a period of research using tailored, professional advice from therapists and first-hand accounts from families and children who have experienced serious injury. We have also collated a series of supporting resources which are designed to encourage readers of the book to explore their own feelings and emotions together following the event of a parent of carer’s serious injury.

Why did we create Bracky Builds a New Den?

When a parent or carer experiences a serious injury or medical negligence, it is a very worrying time for a child. It can’t be underestimated just how much the practical and emotional challenges which arise from the event might have on their mental health, not just in the short term, but the long term, too. To begin to understand the true extent of this situation, and to recognise in greater detail how young people are impacted, we undertook quantitative research with parents and carers living with serious injuries following an accident or medical negligence, as well as qualitative research with leading serious injury specialists and child psychotherapists. This inspired Bracky Builds a New Den.

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Bracky Builds a New Den

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Fletchers Serious Injury is now one of the largest specialist serious injury teams in the UK.
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