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Vision & Values

Our vision as a firm is to continue to fill Fletchers with quality people. We are proud to be from the seaside town of Southport, yet attract some of the best talent from around the country.

We’ve created an ethos that means our team members want to get up in the morning and work hard because they’re motivated, supported and valued as part of the team.


Our values have helped develop the culture that resonates through Fletchers. They’re at the core of Fletchers; we stand by them and know they are reflected in the behaviour of our team members.

  • Trust We trust in the dependability of our people, their integrity, virtue and unwavering loyalty.
  • Innovation Having a forward-thinking attitude, a creative approach and an ability to adapt to change.
  • Development Consistently creating opportunities to improve personally and professionally through training.
  • Performance Recognising achievement, appreciating dedication and supporting you to reach your goals.
  • Customer Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and ensuring their needs always come first.

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The people we hire…

30 years and still loving every day

We know the real measure of what it’s like to work at Fletchers doesn’t come from us, but our team members and their thoughts. Someone like Andrew, serious injury manager, who has experienced working at Fletchers for almost 30 years, and still enjoys coming to work every day.

Having seen the firm grow over the years from a dozen to over 350 team members and expand into new locations; Andrew still feels just as much a crucial part of the team as he did when he first joined.

Everything we achieve is a direct result of the great people who work for us; we hire individuals that can contribute with their innovation, creativity and help how we continue to grow.

“Working at Fletchers is just as enjoyable for me now as it was 30 years ago. It makes an enormous difference that the company has developed so much over the years due to its forward thinking. It is massively important to enjoy working with the people around you and I have been very fortunate over the years to have worked with some great people who I have learned from and been inspired by.”

Andrew Clark, Director of Personal Injury.  Joined November 1987

The work we do…

Sam Waddington’s Life After Injury

At the heart of all of our cases is a real human story. We do our utmost to make life better for someone who has suffered tragically changed circumstances, like Sam who lost his lower left leg in a motorcycle accident.

Sam was riding his motorcycle home from work when he was involved in an accident; he sustained numerous serious injuries and was airlifted to hospital. Sam underwent amputation of his left leg below the knee; however, he hasn’t let his injuries stop him from achieving one of his dreams, getting his helicopter pilot licence.

Before his accident, Sam was an outgoing person, and following his accident, he wanted to pursue his dream of learning to fly. He has since gone on to gain his helicopter licence and would eventually like to fly for the air ambulance.

The Fletchers team were brilliant with me and I felt comfortable straight away. They were always on the other end of the phone, I knew if I wanted to ring them, I could and I would always get a response.

Sam Waddington, Serious Injury Customer


What’s it really like to work at Fletchers?

Chat with one of our team members directly

If you are thinking of joining our team but want to know more about the role and the firm, we can arrange a telephone call with a member of that team. None of the marketing spin, just a straight forward chat to help you find the answers you are looking for.