Medical Negligence

Darren’s Story

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Darren had to have an above knee amputation due to a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular symptoms. With support from Fletchers, Darren is learning to adjust to life after injury.

Shortly after stopping medication for a blood clot, Darren developed pain in his ankle, which got progressively worse. The GP dismissed this as tendonitis, failing to examine our client’s arterial system.

“I found Fletchers excellent. You were a tremendous help, even just the listening, listening to me when I was going through stuff, you helped me out quite a lot. Because you understood what I was going through and not many other people did.”

Case timeline

Darren’s symptoms were dismissed as tendonitis, both by his GP and at the hospital. Darren was eventually diagnosed with acute limb ischaemia. Due to the delay, Darren needed a below knee amputation, which was later revised to an above knee amputation due to infection.

Court proceedings were issued but following mediation, the case was settled without the need to go to trial.

With the compensation settlement, Darren has been able to make adaptations to his home and buy a car, making it easier to get around independently.