Medical Negligence

Dave’s Story

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After a routine motorcycle ride with his son, Dave was involved in an accident that resulted in him losing his lower arm.

"From day one I knew they were the right firm, and it was proven time and time again right up until the end"

“At some point during my recovery I was faced with the added stress of getting proper legal representation, I was lucky in the respect that I received good advice from a friend in the legal profession who pointed me in the direction of Fletchers, as he knew they were specialists in the serious injury field. Choosing the right solicitor is stressful but essential.”

Case timeline

Following a serious motorcycle accident, Dave underwent transradial (below the elbow) amputation.

Dave's case has now settled, allowing him to continue moving on from his injuries.

Dave showed great determination in moving on from his injuries and purchased an adapted recumbent bike to help motivate him with his physical rehabilitation.