Medical Negligence

Gordon’s Story

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After having his leg amputated due to a blockage, Fletchers were able to piece together what had happened and gain justice for Gordon.

Gordon first reported a blockage in 2011, but this wasn’t fully investigated. After a difficult journey, he is now able to move forward with his life.

“It was an experience that I never thought I’d have to go through, but it was made so much better because of Fletchers and their staff. I wouldn’t be where I am now without Fletchers doing what they did.” 


Case timeline

A delay in medical care meant that Gordon needed an amputation of his lower leg, which impacted his mobility and independence.

Fletchers determined that Gordon lost his leg because medical professionals didn’t operate soon enough. The case was settled, with Gordon receiving compensation for his suffering.

The financial settlement allowed Gordon to get a more suitable prosthetic leg, having found his NHS prosthesis uncomfortable. Gordon now finds playing his beloved bowls much easier, and his team were even promoted to a higher league.