Medical Negligence

Robert’s Story

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After his symptoms were misdiagnosed, Robert suffered a stroke. He’s now looking forward to a more positive future with his family.

Robert was operating a digger at work, when he started having problems with his vision, but was told by his doctor that this was down to migraines. Robert went on to suffer a stroke, which left him unable to work and depending on his wife for day-to-day support.

I’d recommend Fletchers to anyone. You couldn’t ask for a better team…Anytime I had any queries or problems I just phoned them, and they sorted it out straight away.” 

Case timeline

Robert suffered a stroke, affecting the left side of his body. He was in hospital for five weeks and had to attend physiotherapy for six months as part of his recovery.

A substantial financial compensation package was achieved, which took into consideration the physical and mental impact of Robert’s misdiagnosis on him and his family.

Robert’s wife has been able to give up work and they’ve bought a bungalow, which is much easier for Robert, given his mobility problems. Robert is looking forward to going back to the music concerts and car shows he used to enjoy, as well as spending more time with family.