Medical Negligence

Sarah & Family’s Story

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Sarah’s husband, Nick, sadly lost his life following a delayed cancer diagnosis. Through support from Fletchers, the family can now live the life that Nick would have wanted.

Nick went back and forth to the doctors, before a tumour was eventually detected when the family decided to seek help from a private hospital. This delay in diagnosis and treatment meant that Nick sadly passed away from his illness.

It’s been very very difficult but knowing that we’re dealing with people that really understand the emotions behind the numbers has been amazing. All the way through, Fletchers have just been available, professional and kind.

Case timeline

Nick eventually received a cancer diagnosis after seeking advice from a private hospital. Nick started cancer treatment, but he sadly passed away from his illness.

As well as receiving financial compensation, Sarah and her family received a letter which confirmed that mistakes were made in Nick’s medical care, and that if more had been done, Nick would be alive today.

While the compensation can’t replace the dreams and plans they had, it has allowed Sarah and her family to move into a new home, giving them security and peace of mind for the future.