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Case Studies

Welcome to the Case Study Content Hub, the home of Fletchers’ case studies.

Across our portfolio of settled case work you will find a world of hope and opportunity, even in the darkest and most challenging of times.

We have grown to become market leaders in representing clients in both Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) as well as a wealth of Serious Injury cases.

By sharing our clients’ unique experiences, our intention is to provide transparency into the realities behind seeking legal representation for a serious injury. From what the accident was, where, how and when it happened, to our approach in taking on each case and what the end result was.

Why is a case study relevant to me?

With the technological landscape changing around us all the time, we owe it to our clients to be out the blocks fast.

From real-life tales of Road Traffic Accidents, to surviving serious and long-term injuries at work, we will continue to share inspiring stories.

Ultimately, we are proud to share such experiences. These real life cases studies may also resonate with you, both in terms of what you’re going through right now, or experienced recently.

Who has benefited from Fletchers’ legal representation?

Overall, thousands of individuals have benefitted from our expertise in serious injury law.

Mark Buckley, for example, is one of our featured motorcycle accident clients.

Mark was badly injured a Cheshire motorcycle collision and our serious injury team investigated the case on his behalf. We confirmed that Mark was not speeding, but instead had to pick up speed in order to filter past the vehicles he was overtaking.

As a result, Mark received £140k as a settlement and his case demonstrates the tenacious legal work from Fletchers’ serious injury team.

Then there’s Shelia Cohen. Sheila barely had a chance to enjoy her Spanish holiday when she was injured exiting a lift in her Costa Brava Hotel.

However, due to the diligence of our Travel Litigation Team, 80-year-old Sheila saw her case settle in her favour which now means she has received additional resources to assist in her recovery.