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Fletchers Solicitors: Not just a place to work

Our vision has never been clearer. As well as representing our clients to the maximum, we want to employ fantastic, talented and dedicated people.

We’re incredibly proud of our seaside town roots here in Southport, yet our workforce has come from far and wide to join us. We’re delighted to say we can attract some of the best talent from around the country, and in doing so we are able to share their achievements and success.

We’ve created an ethos that goes beyond the ‘norm’ for a law firm. We believe our team members share our passion to wake up on a morning and feel motivated, supported and valued as part of the team.

We live our values every single day

At Fletchers Solicitors, our values of:

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Customer

Shape a positive culture that is evident to see throughout our firm. As a result, great things happen that we want to share with you!

Celebrating charity partnerships:

Over the years, we have formed several key relationships with charity partners. As a dedicated serious injury law firm, we will continue to back great causes and help promote life-changing campaigns.

Corporate and social responsibility taken seriously:

As a community-based law firm, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously. As such, we employed our very own CSR Manager to take the reigns of our social image and drive our strategy forward.