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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Fletchers, we believe we have a responsibility to our people, our communities, and our planet.

That is why in May 2022, we signed off on a new 3-year CSR strategy, that is far-reaching and varied. But it is strategic too, with an overarching objective to ‘keep people well’. And by ‘people’, we refer to our own people – our Fletcherians; as well as our clients, our communities; and ultimately, those who need our support – nationwide.

Through our work, we strive to improve the wellbeing of those around us; whether that is emotionally, physically or through charitable partnerships to support ground-breaking research, community incentives or patient recovery.

As a business, we support those who have suffered life-changing injury and provide the tools and the support they need to move forward in the most successful way possible. Through our CSR programme, that objective is magnified; and we are committed to breaking down barriers, improving accessibility, educating ourselves, nurturing diverse communities and doing our bit to support a healthy planet.

Led by the CSR Manager, our fully engaged team members are passionate about moving forward in a responsible way, and we work together to ensure our ethical and environmental practices are as robust as they can be.

To demonstrate our determination to create sustainable and meaningful change, we are now enthusiastic members of ‘Business in the Community’, the largest responsible business network in the UK.

Here are some of the ways we will deliver our strategy:

Charities of the Year

Every year, we have 3 new charities of the year, which colleagues support through opt-out monthly donation and fundraising activities throughout the year. The national partner is chosen by Fletchers, but the two regional partners are chosen by colleagues, therefore supporting local charities close to our hearts. 2022’s national partner is Asthma + Lung UK.


Equality, diversity, and inclusion

What makes Fletchers great is that no two colleagues are the same. We are committed to an inclusive workplace and culture and have developed an inclusiveness plan shaped with feedback from colleagues. We also actively support and participate in inclusive campaigns such as Pride, Black History Month, International Woman’s Day, International Men’s Day, and World Menopause Day.



We take our responsibilities towards the environment very seriously and encourage all staff members to adopt ethical principles. We are taking steps to minimise our impact on the environment through reduction of waste and energy consumption such as reducing the volume of paper waste we produce and switching to glass where possible over plastic.



We created ‘Bracky Builds a New Den’ – the story of a happy dinosaur whose life is turned upside down when a family member suffers a serious injury. The story seeks to explore many of the different ways young children could be impacted if their parent or carer were to experience a serious injury, and how – by working together – it is possible to rebuild lives and find a new normal.


Mental Health Champions

We have a team of Mental Health Champions who volunteer their support for the mental wellbeing of the whole business. The Champions include two qualified counsellors, several qualified nurses and everyone has completed Mental Health First Aid Training. They are the first port of call for colleagues who need a friendly and confidential chat.


CSR Fund

Each quarter, colleagues can apply to the CSR fund to support local groups or charities which tackle the following causes: health and wellbeing, education, inclusiveness, and the local environment. Funded projects include sponsoring a colleague to build sustainable community buildings in the Gambia, funding mental wellbeing sessions for veterans in Sefton and providing a grant to a charity who improve the lives of disabled children (and their families) caused by neurological conditions or brain injury.