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COVID Workplace Claims

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Ever since the global pandemic hit in 2020, COVID compensation has become a hot topic for law firms and claimants alike. As COVID is still a relatively new phenomenon, there are still several grey areas, none more so than if you are entitled to claim for COVID compensation against your workplace. Since March last year, the Government’s message has been clear; anyone who can work from home should do so.

While many of us have done exactly that, thousands of keyworkers, from construction workers to supermarket employees, were still required to go into work. A year on, there is greater hope that the end is now in sight. However, with the latest lockdown easing, the question remains; are employers enforcing the appropriate COVID protection measures to allow a safe return to the workplace? Every employer has a duty of care to its employees and if an employer fails in their duty, either through a failure to provide adequate PPE, or carry out a proper risk assessment, this may then lead to a contraction of the virus that could have been avoided.

Here, we will help you understand if your employer has provided the appropriate safety measures for the workplace and determine if you are eligible to make a COVID claim against your employer.

Can I make a COVID workplace claim?

If you believe your employer is not providing adequate safety measures to protect against COVID, our dedicated personal injury team can assess your eligibility for COVID compensation against your place of work.

To help you understand this further, here is a list of appropriate safety measures for the workplace:

  • Has social distancing been introduced and is this enforced?
  • Are there cramped, overcrowded working conditions? E.g. in the corridors or in breakroom areas
  • Is PPE being provided? E.g. do you believe you have contracted COVID by lack of PPE?
  • Is there a one-way system and are employees being encouraged to abide by this?
  • Are staff being forced to attend work, even when unwell?
  • Are there regular temperature checks in place?
  • Are surfaces being sanitised and cleaned regularly?

What is the impact of substandard COVID protection in the workplace?

If you believe you have contracted COVID whilst at work and have fallen ill, this can have a major impact on your physical health and mental wellbeing. What’s worse, you might be certain that you took all the necessary precautions in outside of work, by social distancing, regularly washing your hands and wearing a face mask – only to fall unwell following a period at work where adequate protection measures were not in place.

If you believe you have contracted COVID due to a lack of workplace protection, including a lack of PPE, it is understandable that you may have concerns. For example, your current circumstances may mean that statutory sick pay is not enough to help you get through your period of sickness. You might be paying additional running costs to support your family or vulnerable relatives reliant on you being there.

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