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A pre-existing injury made worse due to a double-accident at work, and a successful outcome for waitress

April 18, 2024
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Man receives compensation after suffering soft tissue back injuries at work  

Settlement figure: £2,462.82 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond  

Our client was using a manual pump truck when he sustained a back injury. Prior to this incident, our client worked at a supermarket as a stock person on the night shift. Following his recovery, our client was only able to return to work on light duties and carried on completing the same tasks. Whilst at work, he was asked to move pallets, weighing approximately 500kg, using the manual pump truck. As soon as he started moving the pallets, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his back, resulting in injury. Our client sustained a soft tissue back injury, which was made worse by the fact that he had a pre-existing back injury. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Our client was able go home to Romania during the claim; James was able to continue to communicate with the client and progress the claim on his behalf, reducing emotional strain and distress for the client, during the course of the case.  

Waitress received compensation after trip at restaurant 

Settlement figure: £5311.70 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Lucy Ashbrook 

Whilst at work, our client was walking into the kitchen when suddenly she tripped over a glass rack that had been left on the floor. She tried to steady herself, however the floor was wet. Our client slipped and fell to the floor resulting in a broken left wrist. She also had some bruises on her left elbow and leg. 

This case was handled by Lucy Ashbrook. The defendant admitted liability following receipt of the Letter of Claim, outlining our allegations. Lucy was extremely happy to secure a great outcome for our client with a settlement that was above the initial valuation. 

The case was settled in our client’s favour for a total of £5311.70. Upon reflection of the case, the client stated; ‘I found the service at Fletchers amazing and reliable. Lucy thank you, as you’ve helped me with all my enquiries when I needed something explaining. I got told all the steps that was happening. Thank you so much for everything Fletchers and you have done, I really appreciate it! 

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