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ELPL solicitors secure settlement for man injured after slipping during holiday

April 18, 2024
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Man receives compensation following fall on holiday 

Settlement Figure: £1200 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Lucy Ashbrook 

In February 2023, our client was staying in holiday accommodation when he exited the shower and was walking through the hallway just outside of the main bedroom. He suddenly slipped on water that had leaked all the way from the shower tiles outside of the shower cubicle in the bathroom. He unfortunately sustained a soft tissue injury and swelling to his right knee. 

This case was handled by Litigation Executive, Lucy Ashbrook. Lucy sent the defendants our allegations, however liability was denied by them, and they accepted no faults. Upon investigation, Lucy discovered that earlier in the day our client had reported the shower to the reception as it had no hot water. Somebody had come to fix it. It was alleged that the defendant did not take reasonable care to make sure that our client could reasonably and safely use the shower. Lucy engaged the defendants in negotiations and made an offer to them. This case was settled in November 2023.  

When asked about his experience with Fletchers Solicitors, the client said that he was ‘very happy’ with the service provided. 

Woman awarded £1500 following injury at driving range 

Settlement Figure: £1500 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Lucy Ashbrook 

Our client was hitting golf balls whilst at a golf driving range. As she hit a ball, it hit a metal pole in front of her. The ball bounced off the metal pole and came back towards her. The ball hit her in the head, and she immediately had swelling and bruising. The head injury also led to dizziness and a severe headache. 

This case was handled by Lucy Ashbrook, Litigation Executive. She argued to the defendants that the metal pole in question should have been covered with protective foam. However, any protection around the pole had fallen off it, exposing the metal. This should have been repaired by the defendant to ensure no one was injured. Fault was accepted by the other side and an offer was made to them. This was accepted, which meant that our client could avoid unnecessary negotiations.  

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