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November 14, 2023
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Man receives compensation after suffering soft tissue injuries at work 

Settlement figure: £2,250 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond

Our client was working on the warehouse floor where he was employed. He put stock into a cage, he was hit by a Low-Level Order Picker truck (LLOP), which is a type of forklift truck use to move heavy loads. The LLOP was being reversed by a colleague and hit our client, resulting in him sustaining soft tissue injuries to his right ankle and lower back. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Reflecting on the claim, he said:  

‘’I’m happy we managed to get such a good a result for this client. It took a lot of resilience to get there, but it was worth continuing to push for this outcome.” 


Delivery driver receives compensation after he was injured at work

Settlement figure: £3,235 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Nick Josseph

Our client was working as a delivery driver, when he attempted to load a large fire door into a van with the assistance of colleagues. As they loaded it, the fire door slammed shut on his hand, due to not having a protective plate in position. This resulted in the client sustaining an injury to right middle fingernail, which caused damage, loss of the nail and associated numbness to the fingertip.

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Reflecting on the claim, he said:  

“It has been a pleasure to represent this client, and I am happy that he has received a result that he is pleased with.” 

Following on from this, our client added:

“I would like to say that I have been very satisfied with the whole process, and each individual at Fletchers I have had contact with. Particularly my case handler, who has been very helpful and informative at a very difficult time for me. Also, the communication has been outstanding throughout. I appreciate all the work and time put in by Fletchers, so thank you for that.”  

Man secures £23K settlement after being injured whilst playing football

Settlement figure: £23,000 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Simon Noske

Our client was playing indoor football at a Leisure Centre. He slipped on some chalk that had been left on the floor from a gymnastic event the previous day. This resulted in the following injuries;

  • Fracture to his left wrist, which required it to be manipulated under sedation 
  • Scar on his left wrist, as a result

The accident happened the week before our client’s wedding. Fortunately, the client had his cast removed for the day of his wedding, before being reapplied the following day.

Our client recovered £23,000 in compensation, which included compensation for his injuries, care, assistance and travel costs. 

The case was handled by Senior Litigation Executive, Simon Noske. Reflecting on the claim, he said:  

“This was a tricky case, but I was able to secure an amount of £23,000 in final settlement, which the client was really happy with.’’  

Following on from this, our client added: ‘’My case handler was always contactable. Any questions, he got back to me in a timely manner. I felt we came out with probably the best outcome, and I am happy with the settlement.” 


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