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Thousands in compensation secured for clients after suffering injuries that were not their fault

October 17, 2023
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Fletchers Solicitors has secured thousands of pounds in compensation for clients who suffered injuries at work, or in public spaces, that were not their fault. Here we assess their cases, and how our expert team of solicitors has helped our clients secure the compensation they deserve. 


Delivery man receives £5K in compensation after suffering fractured finger at work 

Settlement figure: £5,390 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Justine Murtagh 

Our client was employed by the defendant as a delivery driver. He was carrying out his duties, operating a vehicle with a demountable body system. In the process of retracting the supporting legs after loading, the legs of the vehicle became jammed. A colleague of our client came to help, but in doing so, closed the legs onto our client’s finger. This resulted in the following: 

  • Soft tissue injuries and fracture to his right finger 
  • Surgery was required on the nail and fingertip    

As a result of the injury, our client also suffered a loss of earnings.  

The case was handled by Litigation Executive Justine Murtagh who, once an admission was received from the defendant, reached a settlement that our client was happy with.  

Reflecting on the claim, Justine said: “I was very pleased to assist this client with their claim and subsequent settlement, especially as we pushed for the higher offer. 


Man secures £32K settlement after being crushed at work 

Settlement figure: £32,000 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Andrea Higham 

Our client was working as a milk wagon driver and had been employed by the defendant for three weeks. He was using a trolley to transport goods from the warehouse to his lorry, and had to cross the work yard to do so. He had been trained to stand at the side of the trolly so that he could push it, however the surface outside the warehouse was uneven with broken concrete, raised edges and dips. As he was crossing the yard, the trolley came to a raised edge and the total load of the trolley, weighing approximately 160kg, as well as the 40kg cage, toppled over onto his right foot.  

As a result of the crush, our client suffered injuries to both his right foot and ankle. 

Unfortunately, our client was dismissed by the defendant shortly after the accident. This resulted in him becoming homeless, which understandably had a severe impact on his mental health. However, the insurers made an early admission of liability, and solicitor, Andrea Higham, requested that they carried out an Initial Needs Assessment (an assessment used to determine the medical, psychosocial and rehabilitation needs of an injured person), which resulted in a referral to mental health services.  

An early settlement offer was made by the insurers, which our client initially wanted to accept because he had found a static caravan to purchase on the site, he was familiar with. However, after some negotiations, our team were able to secure a settlement for a much higher sum, which has meant that he has been able to secure his new home. 

Our client has returned to employment and is feeling positive about the future.  

Reflecting on the outcome of the claim, Andrea stated: “We were instructed by our client when he really was at a very low point in his life, and at times, he was desperate. I am delighted that with the support that we have been able to provide to him, along with the rehabilitation services that the insurers instructed, we have seen him come out the other side and look forward to his future. 

Following on from this, our client added: “I thought my life was at an end when I had the accident, but because you got the psychological services involved, you have given me my life back. Your services have been absolutely superb. 


Settlement secured for woman after tripping in a B&M store 

Settlement figure: £1,845 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond 

Our client was walking down the aisle of a B&M store, when she tripped over a six pack of bottled water that had been left on the aisle floor. This caused her to fall forwards and she was injured as a result. She suffered: 

  • A cut to her right arm, which scarred 
  • Exacerbated a pre-existing back injury 

The client came to Fletchers for help in their claim, and Litigation Executive James Hammond oversaw the case. Initially, the defendant’s insurer made an offer of £500, which we advised our client to reject. Eventually our expert team were able to secure an acceptable settlement of £1,845 for our client. 

Reflecting on the claim, James said: “It was a good result in the end, we rejected the defendant’s insurer’s initial £500 pre-med – which was the right call as we ended up settling for £1845.” 


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