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Thousands of pounds in compensation secured in slip, trip and fall claims

February 9, 2024
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Man receives burn injuries after wife slips at fast food restaurant 

Settlement figure: £3,200  

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond 

Our client, Mr Hodgson, was walking out of a McDonald’s restaurant with his wife when she slipped on the wet floor. There were no signs out warning of the wet floor. Our client attempted to catch her; however, in doing so, the hot coffee Mrs Hodgson was holding spilt onto Mr Hodgson, resulting in burns on his left arm. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Reflecting on the claim, James thought that liability may be tricky, as the client’s partner had slipped, and it was her coffee that caused the injuries. However, the Defendants agreed to deal with this claim on a Without Prejudice basis. This means that any communication sent by them is a genuine attempt to try and settle the claim, however it cannot be used in a court or tribunal if the offer is not accepted. James was able to increase the Defendant’s initial offer to get a better outcome for our client. 

Woman awarded damages following a fall in beer garden 

Settlement figure: £3,754.41 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond 

Our client was walking outside of a pub into the beer garden when her left ankle stepped into a pothole, and she fell and forward to the floor. As a result, our client sustained an injury to her left foot, including a torn ligament, bruising, and swelling. She also has some scarring on her right knee. 

This case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Due to his dedication, James was able to settle the claim before our client was due to have an operation. 

Upon reflection, our client said that if she had a query, James would always answer, and she was kept informed throughout the claims process. 

Man receives compensation for fall at caravan park 

Settlement figure: £2,000 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Litigation Executive, Anna Molloy 

Our client, Ashley Thew, was staying in a caravan at a holiday resort for his birthday when he slipped on steps as he was coming out of a caravan. Unfortunately, he suffered with a deep cut and a lump above his right eye. Following the incident our client suffered dizzy spells and headaches. 

Ashley had just arrived at the resort with his family after a day of rain in the evening. The park had limited light around the caravan and there were no lights on in or outside of the caravan when they arrived.  

This case was handled by Litigation Executive, Anna Molloy. She was able to successfully argue that the steps were unsafe and there was limited lighting. The case was due to go to trial in February 2024; however, Anna was able to settle the case for Ashley without going to court. 

Upon reflection of his experience with Fletchers, Ashley said he was ‘really happy with the professional and personal touch offered’ throughout his case. 

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