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Woman successfully claims compensation after slipping in rental property, plus other ELPL claims

April 18, 2024
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Woman receives compensation following fall at a fast-food restaurant 

Settlement figure: £3,300 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Simon Noske 

Our client went into a KFC restaurant and slipped on the floor that was flooded, suffering a soft tissue injury to her ankles, neck and upper back. It took our client four months from the date of the accident to recover. 

The case was handled by Simon Noske. Simon provided the defendants with our allegations and liability was admitted. In order to establish the value to the claim, Simon obtained medical evidence to support our client’s claim. An initial offer was made; however, Simon was able to increase the offer which the client was very happy with and accepted.  

Our client felt that the claim went smoothly, and Fletchers was ‘really helpful’. She stated that she ‘could not have chosen better solicitors.’ 

Man receives compensation after fall 

Settlement figure: £2,854.54 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond  

Our client was walking across the road with his dog when he tripped over the edge of the kerb. His right foot caught the edge of kerb which was raised higher than the rest of the kerb.  The client fell forwards and was injured as a result. 

Our client sustained a soft tissue injury to his right knee, which now clicks and locks in place. He still experiences pain in his knee. A recent MRI scan and x-ray on his right leg showed that he now unfortunately has a tear in his cartilage. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. James sent the defendants details of our allegations as well as an opening offer. This was immediately accepted by the defendants. Not only did this avoid the need for negotiations but James was also able to recover slightly higher than our valuation for the client.  

Our client advised that ‘Fletchers Solicitors were very helpful and provided an excellent service’. 

Woman receives £6K following a fall in rented property

Settlement Figure: £6,500 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Samantha Cummings 

Our client was walking down the communal stairs of her property which she rented from the defendants. Suddenly, she slipped and fell downstairs, injuring herself. The carpet in question was old and defective, it was ripped and sagged. It was also not adequately fitted, causing an increase in the risks of slip and trip hazards. Due to this incident, our client suffered a tear and bleed of her spleen and spent five nights in hospital over two separate occasions. Our client received treatment for the injuries at St. Mary’s Hospital. 

This case was handled by lawyer Samantha Cummings. She argued that the defendants did not ensure the area was safe for our client to use and failed to maintain the carpet. Upon further investigation, Samantha showed that accidents like this could and did occur previously to other residents.  

In November 2023, our client’s case was settled. Our client had a one-year-old daughter at the time and due to her injuries, she was unable to lift and hold her daughter. With this settlement, our client was able to take care of her daughter while she recovered. 

Upon reflection of the case, our client said that ‘everything went really well’ and was ‘very happy with how it ended’. 

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