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How to manage a back injury claim against your employer

November 3, 2022
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Written by Gerard Horton, Partner | Serious Injury Law

If you believe you’re eligible for compensation for a back injury at work, as trained legal professionals, we can assess your experience for you.

It is your employer’s legal obligation to make your workplace as safe as possible. If they have failed, and you believe your back injury is a result of their negligence, then you have come to the right place.

Fletchers Serious Injury has an excellent track record representing serious to catastrophic spinal injury claims.

This article will not only cover the complexities of facing your employer in a claim, but detail the obstacles you could face tackling a claim of this nature on your own.

As a dedicated serious injury specialist, we have the expertise and know-how to effectively represent your back injury at work compensation claim.

So, if you’re asking the question, I hurt my back at work can I claim, the answers are below:

Bringing a back injury claim against my employer

If you are looking for compensation for a back injury at work, you will need to demonstrate:

  • You were not at fault for your back injury
  • Incorrect or inadequate health and safety procedures were in place
  • You evidenced your injury with documentation
  • There were witnesses present who testified in your favour and backed your version of events

However, we know that the reality of achieving workers compensation settlements for a back injury on your own is not easy.

In fact, taking on any employer single-handedly is not only a costly experience, it is a mentally draining one too.

I hurt my back at work; can I claim?

When it comes to challenging your employer with a back injury claim, there can be many obstacles ahead.

We recognise that those obstacles come in different shapes. They can be:

  • Your anxiety around feelings of ill-will from colleagues and your employer
  • The uncertainty of job security following your injury
  • Feelings of guilt around making a claim
  • Uncertainty around following the recommended health and safety procedures
  • Feeling unsure of the validity of your claim
  • Questioning how you can continue working in the process (if you’re able to work)
  • Not knowing how to face employer after going back to work/when claim settled

If we do accept your case, the more evidence you have then the better chance we have of understanding the validity of your claim and the circumstances around it.

It would be useful if you, or someone you trust, can present records of your accident, including:

  • Benefit paperwork, including Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  • Your accident record, reported at work with any supporting reference number
  • Evidence of your medical appointments

We also recommend gathering:

  • Photos of your back injury and any tools or equipment that caused the accident
  • The contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident unfold

Your back injury at work claim UK then stands a better chance of success.


Why choose Fletchers Serious Injury to represent my back injury at work claim

With Fletchers Serious Injury representing your case, you can concentrate on recovering from your serious back injury, whilst we look to secure your compensation.

Why working with a dedicated lawyer is beneficial

If you’re looking for spinal injury representation against your employer, it is likely that you’re already going through an incredibly challenging time.

As one of the UK’s most respected spinal injury specialists, we’re known across the UK because we go the extra mile.

Our spinal injury lawyers will always put you at the heart of the conversation and ensure your needs are catered for.

Iain’s story is a great example of how our team supported a severely injured individual.

Iain is also just one of thousands of individuals we have supported.

Our client, Iain, received a multi-million pound settlement including annual payments for the rest of his life. This was a complex, drawn out case, but the reward at the end demonstrated the value in having Fletchers Serious Injury take representation of the case.

We will fight to deliver justice for you

We work in a way that aims to take away the strain from you, the claimant.

We will also aim to deliver you the monetary support you require throughout the claims process, not just as one lump sum at the end.

Gerard Horton, one of senior solicitors explains:

“Ultimately, we need to know how we can support you throughout your claim. From the moment you’re looking for representation in your hospital bed, we will want to be there, in person, for you.
We’ll be there when you leave the hospital, or if and when you take those first steps in physiotherapy. Should you need interim payments, we’ll work hard to deliver those, too. We’re people too and we know you’ll have a mountain of questions you’ll want answering. Anything we can do to assist; we’ll try our very best.”

In the simplest of terms, as trusted and regulated serious injury lawyers, we can provide you with the very best chances of receiving the compensation you not only deserve, but that you need.

Receive the compensation you deserve with Fletchers Serious Injury representing your back injury at work compensation claim. Contact one of our dedicated spinal injury lawyers today!

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