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February 9, 2024
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Delivery driver receives compensation after suffering soft tissue injuries at work  

Settlement figure: £6,200 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond 

Our client, a fuel delivery driver, was doing his first delivery of the day. On lifting an 80-kilogram fuel hose on his own, he felt a sudden pain in his back. This not only resulted in a soft tissue injury in his lower back but also exacerbated his pre-existing lumbar spondylosis. Our client was unfortunately signed off work. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, James Hammond. Due to his dedication, our client was able to get a good first offer which was accepted by the Defendant’s insurers.  

HGV driver awarded damages following a crush injury at work  

Settlement figure: £3,690.46 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Justine Murtagh 

Whilst at work as an HGV driver, our client attended the Defendant’s site to complete a delivery. A lift truck driver started to unload the back of our client’s lorry. It was believed that the truck driver was standing in to cover the shift of the usual driver. The truck driver turned too sharply whilst unloading and ran over our client’s left foot, causing a soft tissue crush injury. There was also associated pain, swelling and bruising.  

This case was handled by Litigation Executive, Justine Murtagh. The Defendant admitted fault and a settlement was reached after negotiation with the Defendant’s insurer. This was extremely helpful for our client as he was in the process of buying a new house and this helped towards some of the fees involved. 

Reflecting on the claim, our client said: “I really just wanted the Defendant to admit they were at fault when I began the claim and I achieved that early on with the admittance. So, I came away with them admitting they were at fault, recovered lost wages and a couple of grand on top. Justine took over my claim and has been brilliant.” 

Stud farm employee secures £25K following an injury at work 

Settlement figure: £25,000 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Justine Murtagh 

Our client worked on a stud farm for racehorses and was leading horses to a field as part of their employment. The client was by the gate hold when he suddenly slipped on mud and his foot went into a divot causing a partial tear in his left knee. Upon investigation, Justine argued that the Defendant should have packed the ground regularly, to keep the ground more even. Unfortunately, they had not been doing so which led to our client’s injury.  

Our client required surgery as a result of the injury and was told that it was likely that they would require a knee replacement in the next 15-20 years. Following the injury, our client required care and assistance from his wife due to his limited mobility.  

A settlement agreement was reached in November 2023 after disclosure of our client’s losses were provided to the Defendant; a medical expert supported our client’s claim. The settlement was extremely helpful to the client and his family, as during the claims process, he was unfortunately made redundant. 

The case was handled by Litigation Executive, Justine Murtagh. Upon reflection, she said: “I am absolutely thrilled with the result for our client. ‘To be able to achieve the level of settlement for our client makes me extremely proud.” When asked about his experience, our client advised that Justine handled the claim brilliantly and that he was so pleased with the settlement reached. 

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