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Success for our ELPL team in accident at work claims

February 9, 2024
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Woman secures £10K after falling downstairs at work  

Settlement figure: £10,000 

Lawyer assigned to the case: Dawn Delaney 

On 31 May 2023, our client fell whilst descending a metal staircase whilst at work. Our client was carrying down their employer’s personal parcel to drop it off at the nearby post office. The steps of the metal staircase were slippery as they had no thread on them. Additionally, there was no handrail on one side of the staircase. Our client sustained a broken left leg and sprain to her right foot. 

The case was handled by Dawn Delaney Senior Litigation Executive. Liability was admitted by the Defendant shortly after they received our claim.  

Reflecting on the claim, our client described the service received to be “10 out of 10” and would “definitely recommend” Fletchers Solicitors. 

Sales assistant receives compensation after accident at work 

Settlement figure: £3,275 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond, Litigation Executive 

Our client, a supermarket sales assistant, had been asked to assist unloading the back of a lorry as there was no other staff available at the time. She was pulling a cage of full alcohol however, one of the wheels was broken and therefore required more force. The strain of pulling the cage by the strap resulted in our client sustaining a soft tissue injury to their middle finger with bruising. Additionally, their pre-existing lower back pain was aggravated. 

This case was handled by James Hammond, Litigation Executive. He was able to recover over the initial valuation for her injuries.  

Supermarket employee receives compensation following back injury at work 

Settlement figure: £2,750 

Lawyer assigned to the case: James Hammond, Litigation Executive  

Samantha Morris, our client, was unloading a delivery of milk from a truck, using a case on wheels. As she pulled the case off the tail lift, the cage topped forward onto the client, resulting in a soft tissue injury to the lower back. She also suffered left knee bruising and a swollen painful right arm. Following the accident, once the cage was empty, Samantha could see the front left wheel was faulty and did not sit flush on the floor. 

This case was handled by James Hammond, Litigation Executive. Upon further investigation, our lawyer identified that a similar accident had happened recently, involving one of the managers when moving the cage on the forecourt. James was able to get a trial date in before the Defendant made an offer, which meant that he was able to recover the maximum costs. 

When asked about her experience with Fletchers Solicitors, Samantha said that Fletchers have been great. Every step of the claim was explained to her, and we had been patient whilst going through the legal process with her. 

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