Occupiers' Liability Claims

We specialise in occupiers’ liability claims.

We have vast experience in supporting people whose safety has been put at risk by businesses, councils, and other public bodies.

As per the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957; businesses, councils, and other public bodies have a duty of care to ensure the safety to those visiting their premises and to ensure that any risks to their health and safety are kept to a minimum. Our expert team endeavours to help people who have been let down by public bodies; and put at risk by incidents on their premises. 

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If you suffer an injury on a premises that you expected to be safe, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our expert team are here to help. 

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Do you think you have an occupiers’ liability claim?  

You may have a claim if we are able to prove that you have had an accident due to any of the following reasons, that were outside of your control: 

  • Failure to remove hazards or spillages quickly 
  • Failure to signpost hazards or spillages  
  • Ineffective maintenance of structures, or equipment that could cause you harm 
  • Not keeping the environment safe and free from contamination  
  • Not following safety practices set by the Health and Safety Executive  

What evidence to I need to support my occupiers’ liability claim?

To assist with the progression of your claim it would be helpful if you could:   

1.  Make sure that you have the correct date and location where the accident happened.  

2. Take the details of the person to whom the accident was reported to e.g. name, description etc.   

3. Take photos showing the cause of the accident and any potential hazard or defect

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