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Adrian Denson

Chief Legal Officer
Medical Negligence, Serious Injury

Peter Rigby

Director of Medical Negligence Serious Injury
Medical Negligence

Andrew Clark

Director of Serious Personal Injury
Serious Injury

Jo Thompson

Head of Medical Negligence Serious Injury
Medical Negligence

Jen Nolan

Head of Serious Personal Injury
Serious Injury

Sarah Charnley

Court of Protection Team Leader
Court of Protection, Serious Injury

We’re an award-winning law firm

If you’ve suffered a serious injury or medical mistake, you may be looking for justice.

As an award-winning law firm, we’re fully equipped to help you find the right representation for your case.

Maybe you have:

  • Suffered an accident or fall in work, or on the road
  • Received negligent treatment by a medical professional

If this is the case, Fletchers has an impressive roster of talented lawyers ready to hear from you.

So, whether you want to speak to a legal professional face to face, or if you’d feel more comfortable talking to us from the comfort of your home, our flexible approach means we can cater to your needs.


We’re here to represent your case

One of the most important questions we’ll need to ask is, how can we best represent you?

Our two core areas are:

  • Serious injury claims
  • Medical negligence claims

Irrespective of the area your claim falls into, one thing for certain is that you can be assured of highest quality of legal representation.

Fletchers is a top ranked firm in both Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500.

As well as this, we have an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot.