Apprentice Interview: Ceri Dudley

July 3, 2019
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Written by Julia Eyton, Partner & CILEX | Serious Injury Law


Apprenticeship: Chartered Legal Executive

The fourth apprenticeship interview of five in this series is with Chartered Legal Executive Apprentice, Ceri Dudley.

Q 1. Briefly describe your overall experience of the apprenticeship?

My experience of the apprenticeship overall has been generally positive. It has certainly assisted me in considering the business side of the legal profession rather than simply looking at matters from a purely legal perspective.

Q 2. What have been the benefits to you in joining the apprenticeship? i.e. career progression/opportunities, helped become better at current job, etc.

Naturally, it has benefited me with career progression however, undertaking the apprenticeship has also given me the opportunity to speak to members of Fletchers in other teams that I may not have had the chance to do otherwise.

Q 3. Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship over the traditional routes? Please give reason for you answer.

I would definitely recommend completing an apprenticeship route over the traditional legal route.

The biggest benefit is of course, costs. The LPC is costly and this seems to be the routed pushed for future lawyers at university. The apprenticeship is a lot more cost-friendly and, as above, you have the chance to consider the legal profession from a business perspective also rather than a purely legal point of view.

This, ultimately, assists to provide commercial awareness.

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