Apprentice Interview: Kat Grynda

June 3, 2019
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Apprenticeship: Paralegal

The third apprenticeship interview of five in this series is with Paralegal, Kat Grynda.

Q 1. Briefly describe your overall experience of the apprenticeship?

My experience with apprenticeship is really good. I’m finding classes very interesting and I’m happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to join it.

Q 2. What have been the benefits to you in joining the apprenticeship? i.e. career progression/opportunities, helped become better at current job, etc.


  • Possible new opportunities and carrier progression,
  • Becoming better on current role as I do understand better law regulations.
  • As I’m foreigner I can develop my English as well.

Q 3. Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship over the traditional routes? Please give reason for you answer.

I would definitely recommend completing
apprenticeship over the traditional routes as it is much easier to learn theory and use your knowledge at work.

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