Apprentice Interview: Sam Cropper

August 3, 2019
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Written by Jennifer Weaver, Clinical Negligence Solicitor & Team Leader

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Paralegal

The fifth apprenticeship interview of five in this series is with Level 3 Paralegal, Sam Cropper.

Q 1. Briefly describe your overall experience of the apprenticeship?

A. I am enjoying the apprenticeship and most of the work starts for me when I begin Level 6 in September.

I am still having my meetings with Damar (the apprenticeship and recruitment specialists) and at the moment they are preparing me for when the main work of my apprenticeship starts. These meetings are around an hour and a half in total and at the moment we discuss how I am doing in my job and exams.

Q 2. What have been the benefits to you in joining the apprenticeship? i.e. career progression/opportunities, helped become better at current job, etc.

A. A huge benefit of my apprenticeship is that my qualification is being paid for in full. If I’d gone to study law at university I would have been left with thousands of pounds of debt.

The apprenticeship will lead to more opportunities for me in the future as well. I am now an ACILEX (CILEx Associate Membership) member which I hope will open up more opportunities for me in the future and help my career progression. I imagine that this will continue to progress as I get closer to the end of the qualification.

I understand the job much more than I did before starting the apprenticeship. Some of the areas I am gaining experience in affect roles above mine more, so once I progress into those positions it will help me further.

Q 3. Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship over the traditional routes? Please give reason for you answer.

A. I would recommend completing an apprenticeship over the traditional routes because I am gaining valuable experience whilst completing a qualification. On top of this, I will be getting the equivalent to a degree in my qualification and I will have no debt whatsoever. I know plenty of people who have various degree’s but are unable to get jobs due to lack of experience. My apprenticeship through Fletchers eliminates that issue since I will have experience when I come to qualify.

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