Charlie’s Charity Skydive

November 4, 2017
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Written by Hannah Luscombe, Associate & Senior Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Last year, Charlie Hayward, a trailblazer apprentice at Fletchers, pledged to take part in a charity skydive to raise money for a family friend who had recently required his leg to be amputated.

Unfortunately, the good old British weather caused Charlie’s skydive to be postponed until climates were more suitable for jumping out of an aeroplane.

However, on Sunday 2nd April, Charlie finally had the chance to complete his skydive and travelled to Skydive North West in Cumbria to do so. He was taken 15,000 feet into the air in a PAC XL750 aircraft before jumping out and plunging back down to Earth. Charlie had expressed, when he took on the challenge, that he wanted to do it not for the fun of the activity itself, but knowing how the money he’s raised will help his family friend Eric get a new prosthetic leg.

Charlie raised just short of £500 from his jump, and spoke about the experience and how the money raised will make a difference: “I am thrilled that I have been able to raise money for such a cause. It was a fantastic experience and knowing that I have contributed towards funding a new leg for a family friend, made it even better.”

Well done Charlie!

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