Fletchers Solicitors supports life-changing projects for a local community in Gambia

November 3, 2022
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Fletchers Solicitors recently sponsored Bilal Qasim, Senior Solicitor at Fletchers as part of its CSR Fund to fly over to Gambia and work with Smile with Gambia (SWG) on local community projects.

Each quarter Fletchers supports and invests in local community projects on causes that are dear to our colleague’s hearts.

Bilal flew to Gambia for 2 weeks and was hands on with construction projects including building schools, an orphanage, mosques, wells, and playground areas.

The group of volunteers helped by hand packing monthly food packages, distributing to those in need, whilst developing local agricultural areas, ensuring sustainability for the area.

Bilal has dreamt of doing something like this for a while and got in touch with SWG as The Gambia is one of the least developed countries across the world with 48% of its population currently living in poverty. The work that they do on the ground provide help directly to those who require it most.

SWG is charity whose sole purpose of bringing smiles to those less fortunate in the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’, The Gambia. They work on a strict 100% donation policy which means that every single penny donated, goes entirely to that cause and those who need it.

Bilal, who was the successful applicant to provide the donation from the CSR Fund said: “SWG is a charity which is very close to my heart. It’s founder, Hassan Ejaz is a very close friend of mine and thus I have been involved with the charity from the very start, even prior to it being formally registered as a charity in the UK. As a result, I can see first-hand the life changing work and efforts SWG provides to those less fortunate.”

Bilal continued: “SWG is a new charity but yet the impact of SWG’s work in Gambia is nothing short of amazing… The donation provided by Fletchers helps those who are less fortunate to benefit from the means above. Without donations such as the CSR funds, the impact and changes which can be made on people’s lives are significantly reduced.”

When asked about the CSR fund Bilal said it is “a great initiative which should continue to go on and expand further. They more we can all try to make a difference to those less fortunate than us, the better!”

Peter Haden, Fletchers’ CEO said: “We are pleased that a donation from our CSR fund is going to be used to provide life essentials to communities in The Gambia, who require them the most. We are committed to supporting local communities and our team members and it is brilliant to see that our fund will have such a big effect for a local community.”

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