Fletchers take part in Group B Strep fundraiser

November 3, 2022
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A group of Fletchers team members took part in Group B Strep Support’s national Strep B fundraiser, “Steps against Strep”.


Debbie Moore, Jo Thompson, Emma Marchbank, Michelle Knowles and Jennifer Corcoran each walked 62,000 steps between 1-15 July.


The brilliant effort works out as 1,000 steps for every UK-born baby diagnosed with a Strep B infection this month.


Head Nurse Analyst, Debbie Moore completed her steps goal in the first three days of the challenge.


The other four finished their steps by Monday 8th July.


Fletchers collectively raised £150.00 for Strep B awareness.


Assistant Litigation Executive, Jennifer Corcoran said:


Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a bacterium that as many as 40% of adults carry. If a pregnant woman carries GBS, most of the time the baby will be born safely. There are however a number of cases recently where the consequences have been fatal. Because of this, if a doctor detects GBS during pregnancy, antibiotics will become available to the mother. This is to minimise the impact and risk. However, it is currently NOT routine to test pregnant women.

Earlier in 2019, Iwan Thomas’ son, Teddy developed a Group B Strep infection days after being born.


Fortunately, this was identified and treated with antibiotics early and Teddy was allowed home after 10 days.


In order to provide more information, GBSS and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists created an information leaflet.


The information includes key points around screening and potential risks.


Unlike Teddy, Jennifer is all too aware that not everyone is so lucky.


The fundraising efforts may be a small gesture but the meaning behind it is big . If more people understand the condition, hopefully we have a better chance of spotting the signs sooner.

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