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Legal team thanked for going ‘above and beyond’

Written by Caroline Morris, Director | Serious Injury Law

Legal team thanked for going 'above and beyond'Legal team thanked for going 'above and beyond'Legal team thanked for going 'above and beyond'

November 3, 2022

A man whose son suffered life changing injuries in a motorbike crash has praised his legal team for going ‘above and beyond’ while dealing with the case.

Ben Owen first came across Fletchers in August 2019 when his 22 year old son was in a motorbike accident and he needed legal representation for a claim to help with his son’s future care needs.

Ben said: “When someone is faced with this decision, and they need to choose someone, I would thoroughly recommend that they choose Fletchers.”

Ben was introduced to Caroline Morris, a Senior Chartered Legal Executive and Aimee Ratcliffe, a Solicitor at Fletchers Solicitors, shortly after his son’s accident.

Speaking about their first meeting, Ben said: “We set up the first meeting and Caroline and Aimee were amazingly tactful, not at all pushy and very professional.

“We had interviews with three or four other firms but chose Fletchers because of Caroline and Aimee; I could see that they had such attention to detail.

“I could see immediately that Caroline is a fighter. I saw that straightaway and I knew she was the best person I could have to help my son. She made it an obvious choice.

“It must be such a difficult decision for some families, but Caroline made it easy. Interviewing the lawyers to take on a case like this is a minefield at a very difficult time. People can be easily led by promises, which won’t be fulfilled, but Fletchers never did that.

“They were so professional and engaging, they were eager to get started and help us. I really needed to consider who was the right person for my son and Caroline made that quite evident. I knew she would do her absolute best and she did.

“Aimee was amazing all the way through it. I knew she was always at the end of the phone for me and would always be so honest and helpful. They were both always frank and honest and if they said they would do something, they always did it.”

Caroline has 25 years’ experience in the personal injury sector handling complicated liability and high value, complex cases.

Caroline said: “It has been my absolute pleasure to represent Ben’s son following his life changing accident. We met each other at the most difficult point in their lives but quickly developed a good rapport. During the case, we have worked closely together to work towards this outcome.

“This has been a complex, hard-fought case on both liability and quantum, but it was possible to secure funding and rehabilitation for his son whilst at the same time fighting to secure a final settlement on his behalf. I am thrilled to have been able to secure this settlement on his behalf to enable him to live a full and enabled life and I wish him and Ben all the happiness and best wishes for the future.”[vc_single_image image=”33283″]