Stress Awareness Blog: Gaining a different perspective

September 4, 2019
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In support of Stress Awareness Month, each day this week we will share a personal experience from one of our team members who communicate how they dealt with, or learnt from, a stressful experience.

Our second contribution is from our Director of People, Tim Scott:

“One of the most valuable experiences of my adult life was taking part in an event called “Street Wisdom”.

The activity is designed to help you to use visual cues from your environment to come to a conclusion – its creator describes it as “walking-based problem solving”.

I won’t go into detail about exactly how it works – if you’re interested, you can read more about it here:

However, there are a few lessons that I’ve taken from it and used many times since (often on a lunch break or whilst travelling), without doing the full programme:

  • Very often, your brain already has the answer to the things you are worried about; it just needs some help to bring it to your conscious mind

  • You think differently when you are walking or moving about: taking a problem or issue outside instantly helps you get a different perspective on it

  • You’ll notice things whilst walking that will influence your thinking process to go a different way

  • Even on a very familiar route there will things you’ve never spotted before if you look closely enough

On the activity, “the street” really did give me visual cues that enabled me to work through stuff in a particular way and even suggested some answers.

You can use its basic principles to see things differently and gain a fresh perspective.”

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