Time to Talk Day – The importance of talking about Mental Health

January 2, 2022
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By Ami Dollery, Chartered Legal Executive.

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we place such emphasis on offering genuine mental health support to all Fletcherians.

With good mental wellbeing, and access to professional resources when needed, our team members are able to enjoy what they do, feel happy and engaged; with the potential to thrive in their careers.

That’s why Fletchers have invested in Mental Health Champions to be the first port of call for team members to talk to.

As it is ‘Time To Talk Day’ on the 3rd Feb, which is all about starting the nation’s biggest mental health conversation, I felt this was a suitable time to would share my story in the hope of supporting others in a position like mine.[vc_separator color=”peacoc”]

Struggling to cope

I have always suffered with health anxiety, so when a routine cervical smear test came back with abnormal cell results, and I had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment, my mind jumped to the worst-case scenarios.

I struggled to cope with the level of anxiety I was suffering, and reached out to Mental Health Champion, Debbie Moss, for a confidential chat.

Debbie was so friendly and supportive. She reassured me on numerous occasions and talked me through what would happen at my appointment, and why my anxiety was unfounded. A trained nurse, as well as a Mental Health Champion, Debbie had a unique insight into the medical nature of my concerns, so was able to support me in a very specific way. I don’t think I could have carried on day-to-day, between my results and appointment, without Debbie’s support.

I was so glad I reached out to Debbie, as it really helped me through a challenging time. I would absolutely recommend that Fletcherians reach out to a Mental Health Champion if they need to chat, are going through a challenging time or are struggling with something.

We are incredibly lucky at Fletchers to have a supportive group of people who are willing to help us with these kinds of issues and I think we should all be utilising their support in times of need.[vc_separator color=”peacoc”]

If you need support:

Your own workplace, school or college may have fully trained mental health professionals. Such individuals are trained to listen, empathise and signpost those who need it to professional third-party support. They do not offer advice, but instead provide a safe space for those who need to be heard in a non-judgemental environment.

You can also find resources and links to support on Time to Talk Day or contact your local NHS services.

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