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Five avoidable orthopaedic surgeries for Bootle man

November 8, 2022
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Written by Francesca Paul, Associate & Clinical Negligence Solicitor

The incident

Following a consultation with a hip specialist in June 2018, Andrew Smart, a fit and healthy 47-year-old from Bootle, experienced five avoidable surgeries and four hip dislocations.

Mr Smart, a property maintenance manager by trade, had a degenerative disease in his left hip. Because of this, he was recommended for immediate replacement of the joint with a metal prosthesis.

What appeared to be a routine and well-advised diagnosis, turned out to be an incredibly painful and debilitating road ahead.

The surgeon, Mr Cartwright-Terry, carried out the first surgery at Renacres in Ormskirk and labelled the operation as a success.

However, between June and August that year, Mr Smart would have to endure multiple surgeries because his hip kept popping out of place.

On one occasion, this occurred when Mr Smart scratched his leg, and another whilst he sat on the toilet


Eventually, Mr Smart was relocated to Aintree Hospital for a final revision operation which brought an end to the pain.


The case

After a short consultation with Fletchers Serious Injury, Medical Negligence Solicitor Amy Hughes took representation of Mr Smart’s case.

From the outset, Amy was appalled by Mr Smart’s experience and was confident in bringing justice in the form of a suitable settlement.

Smart told us:

“Mr Cartwright-Terry was adamant the surgery needed doing, so I trusted him and went ahead with it. After he messed the operation up, he seemed to vanish. I didn’t get to see him.

“Again, and again I was told he went on holiday. My hip dislocated four times!


“I was seen by another surgeon, Marcus Cope. After the second dislocation, he told me they haven’t got the facilities to correct my hip, so he referred Southport and Ormskirk Hospital.
“I felt like Renacres washed their hands of me as soon as a complication occurred.

“I was referred and saw another Consultant. He was shocked at how badly the surgery had been performed and this is what pushed me to bring forward the case.”



The aftermath

In April 2019, a treatment plan for Mr Smart’s right hip pain was discussed. He was given a cortisone steroid and reports the treatment to have been remarkable at reducing his pain and discomfort.

Despite the positive conclusion, Mr Smart was advised that he should have been offered these in the first instance by surgeon Cartwright-Terry.

Mr Smart told us:


“If you feel you have been neglected, you need to push your case and bring it forward. Even if you just suspect something has gone wrong, always get a second opinion or advice.
“I am glad I brought forward my case because it meant I have helped raise awareness for other people. I didn’t have to do much, Amy Hughes did everything, she was wonderful throughout the whole process of my claim.”

Since the final revision surgery took place in August 2018, Mr Smart has noticed a world of difference and hasn’t had a problem since.

On 12th September 2018 and then again on 19th October 2018, Mr Smart attended follow up appointments at Aintree Hospital.

Thankfully, the Consultants present were happy with the progress being made.


The outcome

Thanks to Amy’s decisive representation, Mr Smart received a settlement for £22,500.

Amy, who has great experience handling such cases within Fletchers Serious Injury’s Medical Negligence Team, told us:


“I am truly harrowed to learn of the number of inadequate surgeries Mr Cartwright-Terry has performed under the team of Marcus Cope, but I am fortunate enough to be able to help those who have fell victim to his negligence.
“I have seen cases where he has caused a significant amount of pain and suffering to his patients until the revision surgery was completed, to those cases where he has completely taken away one’s independence and it is important that we raise awareness so that others out there can get the help they deserve.”



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