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Medical Negligence

Fletchers solicitors represent patients of spinal surgeon John Bradley Williamson in medical negligence claim

Written by Christian Beadell, Partner & Head of Legal Strategy & Ops


July 7, 2023

John Bradley Williamson, a former spinal surgeon at Salford Royal Hospital, recently hit the headlines in July 2022 following the publication of the Spinal Look back review by the Northern Care Alliance Trust.  His practices were heavily criticised and they found that his actions had directly contributed to the death of a former 17yr old patient Catherine O’Connor who died from catastrophic blood loss after he operated on her.

Fletchers now represent another of Mr Williamson’s former patients who has been subject to the review being conducted by the Northern Care Alliance.

As part of that investigation it has been revealed that not only were a limited number of Mr Williamson’s patients subject to an Invited Review by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2016, it was not until 2022 that the Trust took action to widen that review to greater numbers and to respond to publicised concerns over Mr Williamson’s behaviour and practices.

This has meant that many former patients who may have had concerns about their treatment have suffered in silence and the true nature and extent of poor outcomes flowing from Mr Williamson’s clinical treatment is unknown.

Since the statement by the Trust in July 2022 that they would be conducting a review there has been no further announcement or publicised comment setting out the findings and scale of the issue.

Christian Beadell, Partner and Head of Group Actions commented:

“Mr Williamson’s former patients deserve to have a formal and transparent review with a publication of the findings.  The scope of the review by the Trust is unclear and whilst they have assured patients that they will be contacted if any “concerns” are noted we believe that all former patients should be contacted with the outcome of the review independently of the Trust’s determination.  In our experience, internal reviews have a tendency to downplay concerns and only highlight areas where a Trust feels it is at significant risk.  In order for patients to trust in the process, they must feel that their treatment will be investigated, in it’s entirety and that any criticisms, no matter how small are reported back to them. We would invite the Trust to provide an update into it’s investigation and a clear timeframe for any future action.”

Our medical negligence solicitors at Fletchers have acted for countless people who have suffered because of negligent treatment and specialise in helping groups of individuals affected by the same negligent treatment from individual surgeons. If you would like to speak with one of our team for a free initial chat get in touch with us today to see how we can help and support you.