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Research reveals that Brits feel more confident complaining about a delivery driver than poor medical treatment

November 3, 2022
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Written by Alison Flaherty, Partner & Head of Clinical Negligence

We wanted to find out how confident Brits really are when it comes to making a formal complaint about poor service.

So we carried out a survey with 2,500 nationally representative participants and found that Brits feel more confident making a complaint about poor delivery service than substandard care from their doctor.

Participants were asked to rank a number of every day services based on how confident they would feel making a complaint about the service if it was subpar.

Our research revealed that Brits are more likely to complain if their parcel arrives damaged or was delivered to the wrong address, than should their doctor misdiagnose them or provide poor medical treatment.

The services have been ranked from one to five, with one being the service Brits feel the most confident complaining about.

Ranking Top 5 services people feel confident complaining about

1. A delivery driver e.g. if your parcel has arrived damaged or delivered to the wrong address
2. Medical treatment from your doctor e.g. if you have received substandard care or are not happy with your doctor’s diagnosis
3. Restaurant manager / waitress e.g. if you have received poor quality food or charged too much
4. Car garage / car mechanic e.g. if you have had substandard work done on your car
5. Wifi provider e.g. if you have experienced poor wifi signal

The data has also been ranked in terms of the services that people felt the most unconfident complaining about.

Worryingly, Brits feel more confident complaining about bad restaurant service or insufficient work done to their car than if they received the wrong prescription – which could lead to serious health implications.

Ranking Top 5 services people feel unconfident complaining about

1. A gym or your personal trainer e.g. if you get injured or can’t access the facilities you want
2. Hairdresser e.g. if you have experienced a bad haircut
3. A shop worker eg. if you have received poor customer service
4. Pharmacist treatment e.g. if there is a problem with the prescription you received
5. A vet e.g. if you’re not happy with the treatment your pet has received

In the cases where Brits did not feel confident enough to complain, some of the most common reasons were not knowing if complaining would make a difference and not wanting to “make a scene”.

A quarter of Brits confessed that they would not want to offend the person that provided them with a service or get them in trouble.

Misdiagnosis forms the largest percentage of medical negligence compensation claims in the UK, with around 40% of notified claims relating to wrong, failed or delayed diagnosis.

The consequences of misdiagnosis can be devastating and lead to delays in patient’s receiving the treatment they need, so it is important to always speak up if you feel you have received poor care from a healthcare provider.

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