Medical Negligence

Surgery carried out on wrong part of breast

November 3, 2022
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A 51 year old woman has been awarded £8,000 due to a medical procedure being carried out on the wrong part of her breast.

The claimant attended Queen Elizabeth Hospital and was advised that she had grade two breast cancer in the left breast.  On March 21, 2017, she underwent an operation within Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham which entailed removing the nipple and then going in from where the nipple was removed and investigating where the cancer was. The client was discharged the same day.

In mid-April 2017, she received a telephone call from the Hospital asking her to attend an appointment. The client attended the Hospital and was advised that the wrong part of the breast had been operated on. The client was advised that the area under the nipple did not need to be examined and that a further operation would be required.

On April 20, 2017, the client underwent the second operation at the same hospital and the operation entailed operating underneath the left breast where the cancer was located. During the operation the cancer was successfully removed.

Fletchers Solicitors pursued the case against the defendant for the negligence in relation to the failure to carry out surgery on the affected breast tissue on the March 21, 2017 leading to the requirement of further surgery on the April 20, 2017.

Following Fletchers’ investigations a Letter of Claim was sent to the defendant and liability was admitted in this case. An out of Court settlement was reached of £8,000.

An expert in the medical negligence department at Fletchers Solicitors, dealt with the case against the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

They said: “I am happy that the Trust admitted to this negligence which  ensured a smooth settlement process.”

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