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  • Case investigation led by Christian Beadell

    Published: August 4, 2023 | Last Updated: August 4, 2023

Helping orthopaedic patients fight their medical negligence claim

Our expert medical negligence team, lead by Christian Beadell, Head of Group Action and Francesca Paul, Associate Solicitor, are currently supporting 140 patients of Mr Jeremy Parker through legal proceedings. At present, our team have successfully secured over £1 million in compensation for 30 related cases.

Mr Jeremy Parker has been under an ongoing investigation by Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) since 2022, after he was referred to it by the General Medical Council. The investigation arose following concerns regarding his orthopaedic surgical procedures.

The  orthopaedic surgeon, who specialised in hip and knee surgery, worked at Colchester Hospital and practised at the Oaks Hospital, but no longer works at either establishment after he received a suspension order in July 2019.

His surgeries were carried out under the NHS, the Choose and Book scheme as well as private treatment.

Following the tribunal, Mr Parker was removed from the medical Registrar with immediate effect from 2 February 2023. This means, Mr Parker was struck off by the General Medical Council.

Mr Parker is unable to act as a doctor within the UK and is currently suspended pending any appeal. If an appeal is not made, then he will be removed from the registrar.

Reflecting upon the tribunal outcome, our Head of Group Actions, Christian Beadell, stated:

“The Tribunal confirmed that all the allegations against Mr Parker have been upheld, which supports our clients’ claims that over many years, Mr Parker did not warn patents of the material risks of their treatment. Neither was there any consideration of less invasive alternative treatments, and he failed to carry out surgery to the standard patients should expect. It is a great shame that Mr Parker was not present at the hearing, as our clients hoped for an explanation from him for his actions and some sign of contrition.

“This decision comes as no surprise to us or our clients, some of whom have been injured by Mr Parker and gave evidence to the tribunal. What is surprising is that the Trust has made no comment at the hearing, nor explained why Mr Parker was able to continue to operate on patients despite having been suspended. It is gravely concerning that, while he was suspended, Mr Parker carried out 33 major hip and knee surgeries.

“We welcome the decision to strike off Mr Parker, but this will come as little consolation to many hundreds of people who have to live with the consequences of his actions. Now that the findings have been published, and action taken, we urge the Trust to accelerate the settlement of ongoing legal claims so that our clients can get on with their lives and try and put these sad events behind them.

“Finally, there may be hundreds of other people in Essex and the Colchester area who have been affected by Mr Parker’s activities. I urge them to seek expert legal advice; it is a point of law that when people are injured and it is not their fault, for example as a result of a sub-standard surgical procedure, they are entitled to redress.”

Key allegations

Failures in relation to the standard of care provided amounted to serious misconduct.

Failure to discuss care with other medical professionals prior to operating.

Failure to obtain informed consent.

Failure to adequately record keep.

Failure to refer a patient to an appropriate specialist.

Dishonesty in adding pre-typed operation notes to patient’s records.

Undertaking surgery whilst subject to restrictions on his practise.

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Next Steps

Our team continue to collaborate with the Trust’s legal representatives to resolve these claims as swiftly and economically as possible. Despite over £1 million in compensation already being secured, we continue to investigate new enquiries. There may be hundreds of people impacted, and we advise those individuals to seek legal advice.

Do you feel you could have been impacted?

If you have been affected by treatment from Mr Parker and you would like to know if you have claim, we are happy to have a no-obligation chat. We worked solely on a No Win, No Fee basis which means there is no financial risk to you.. Get in touch with our specialist team and they will guide you through next steps and how we can help.

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