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Vaginal Mesh Claims

Vaginal mesh claims

Historically, vaginal prolapse was treated surgically with a stitched repair, yet treatments began to introduce Tension Free Vaginal Tape or (TVT), more commonly known as vaginal mesh or transvaginal mesh as an alternative in order to provide a more long lasting and stable repair.

Mesh was initially considered to be a suitable means of strengthening tissue after having been used for many years in hernia repairs. However, there have been concerns around the use of vaginal mesh, with some women suffering crippling complications as a result of a vaginal mesh procedure.

A safety review into the use of TVT mesh published in 2020 investigated a number of concerns surrounding mesh surgery, including mesh degradation and the possible leaching of chemicals from the mesh itself.

How can complications with vaginal mesh occur?

There are two primary areas of complications that can be caused by vaginal mesh implants:

• Complications from the mesh
Such as pain, erosion or migration (when the mesh migrates through the tissue and can damage surrounding organs) and autoimmune/foreign body reactions
• Complications associated with the surgery itself
Such as failure of the procedure, nerve damage and specific injuries depending on the type of repair that was performed

How you might be affected by vaginal mesh complications

Depending upon the nature of the treatment, vaginal mesh complications can range from minor symptoms of pain and discomfort, to more extensive symptoms associated with mesh migration and erosion, which ultimately require further surgical intervention.

Complications can include:

• Pain in the pelvic region
• Incontinence
• Mesh erosion/protrusion
• Perforation
• Irregular vaginal bleeding
• Infection
• Bladder/bowel problems or changes
• Sexual issues including pain
• Pain in the buttocks or legs

How our legal team can offer support

If you’ve suffered TVT mesh complications, our specialist solicitors can help to secure the compensation you are entitled to. Our skilled legal team will pursue your case with utmost professionalism and sensitivity, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way.

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Senior Solicitor, Christian Beadell, is the Head of Medical Negligence at Fletchers:

“We have seen a steady increase in the number of claims relating to mesh related to complications as awareness of this issue has been more widely publicised. The inquiry into the use of mesh, chaired by Baroness Cumberledge, has helped to highlight a number of significant issues. Broader public understanding and media reporting has meant that fewer women have suffered in silence.”