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Hull Royal infirmary Maternity Services rated “inadequate”.

August 9, 2023
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The maternity services provided by Hull Royal Infirmary were today rated as “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following their inspection of the service earlier this year.

The regulator described the unit as a “chaotic environment which was not fit for purpose” with several concerns being raised over processes which were placing patient safety at risk.

The CQC report found that:

  • Systems, processes, and risk in the antenatal day unit / triage department were not well managed which led to long delays in women and birthing people being seen.
  • This was a “chaotic environment which was not fit for purpose”.
  • Staff did not complete training in areas where there was a known risk and staff did not always work well together across the different units of the service for the benefit of women and birthing.
  • Communication between staff when there was a safeguarding risk was not well embedded.
  • Staff did not always risk assess women and birthing people.
  • Staff failed to act on presenting risks in line with national guidance.
  • Serious incidents were not always reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Lessons were not always learned from serious incidents and external investigation when there were poor outcomes for women and birthing people, to reduce reoccurrence.

Management were also subject to criticism on the basis that there was a lack of operational oversight and management of risk, systems and processes to assess, monitor and manage risks within maternity services were not robust

It was further noted that despite the trust giving reassurances in March 2023 that concerns raised at that time would be addressed, this had not taken place and accordingly the CQC felt there was not option other than to downgrade the service.

As a team of leading medical negligence solicitors who specialise in birth injuries, we regularly see the affects of what poor care and practices mean from a patient’s point of view and the effects which they can have on the lives of not just the patient but their wider families.

Amy Kirk, a legal Team Leader in this specialist team commented that “These are very troubling findings that could be placing mothers and their babies at risk within the maternity unit.  A number of the issues identified by the CQC relate to safety and risk management and it is clear that several processes are lacking and placing patients at risk.

It is incumbent upon the Trust to ensure patients in the maternity unit (who are often vulnerable, anxious and going through their most significantly life-changing event) can rest easy in the knowledge that they are in a safe environment and that National standards are being followed in all areas.

Lessons need to be learned and things need to improve to help these patients. It would seem that little has changed from the initial findings in March and things are not moving quickly enough to effect that change and the outcomes for patients within the care of Hull Royal infirmary Maternity Services

We hope that the Trust takes this opportunity to properly review it’s maternity services and make the necessary changes to restore public confidence.”

When these kinds of poor outcomes happen within maternity services it can be difficult to know where to turn. Our job as specialist medical negligence lawyers is to support and guide people through the legal process. Nothing can be done to prevent what has already happened but we can work towards making sure that lessons are learned and that the people affected are supported through a claim not just through the compensation but also helping get access to any additional support they need. If you would like to speak to one of our team confidentiality for a free consultation please get in touch.

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