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Receiving quicker treatment for strokes could save lives

November 3, 2022
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A Medical Negligence Solicitor is urging anyone with suspected stroke symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

Speaking in response of the Stroke Association’s comments that the number of young people suffering from strokes is on the rise, Iain Dodd, Solicitor at Fletchers Solicitors, is asking us all to be more aware of the causes of a stroke.

Iain said: “A stroke can occur at any age and with little or no warning signs.

“There are also various types and causes which can often be difficult to diagnose.”

Strokes commonly occur when the blood and oxygen supply to a person’s brain is blocked, and if mistreated or unrecognised, a stroke can leave a life-changing impact or even threaten life.

At Fletchers Solicitors, we believe that recognising the symptoms first and knowing what to look out for in a suspected stroke could reduce the impact and even make the difference in saving someone’s life.

Iain continued: “It is important to see a medical practitioner immediately if any symptoms arise as early treatment can be crucial to help prevent or reduce the effects of a stroke.

“Recognising the FAST symptoms: Face, Arms, Speech, Time could aid in avoiding a poor outcome.”

Iain concluded: “Regrettably, there are occasions when people have sought medical advice and have not been appropriately referred to a stroke clinic/Physician or treated correctly, or treated within an acceptable timeframe.

“Sometimes, this is a result of medical error.

“Medical practitioners work hard under various pressures but mistakes can happen and the prognosis can be particularly devastating following a stroke.”

At Fletchers Solicitors, we are experts in acting on behalf of those that may have suffered a stroke as a result of negligence.

Iain Dodd recently secured a seven figure settlement plus annual payments for the remainder of life, for a 50-year-old male that suffered a stroke that should have been avoided.

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