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Supporting 70+ clients in relation to Mr Jeremy Parker

Sarah's Story: Losing her husband, Nick, following a series of misdiagnosis events

Supporting patients of Mr Jeremy Parker

Following concerns relating to his surgical procedures, a specialist orthopaedic surgeon formally based at Colchester Hospital, has been suspended. Mr Jeremy Parker specialised in hip and knee surgery, and also practised at the Oaks Hospital. He no longer works at either hospital following his suspension order in July 2019.

Fletchers has been instructed to represent over 70 claimants who have suffered complications following treatment received from Mr Jeremy Parker, consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Mr Parker previously operated out of the Colchester and Oaks Hospitals and specialised in hip and knee surgery. He conducted the majority of his surgeries under the NHS or the Choose and Book scheme, however, we are also instructed in a number of claims relating to private treatment.

The last hearing was in January 2021 which allowed him to practice under supervision; but at present his whereabouts are not known.

As of June 2021, we are supporting more than 70 patients of Mr Jeremy Parker through legal proceedings. 

We are representing a substantial group of patients who have been treated by Mr Parker, and are accepting further claims.

An update on Mr Parker

In 2019 Mr Parker stopped working at both hospitals after concerns were raised over his practices and he was referred to the Medical Practitioner’s Tribunal Service (MPTS). In July 2019, he was made the subject of an interim suspension order by the MPTS which currently remains in place.

Mr Parker qualified as a doctor in 1992 and was added to the register of trauma and orthopaedic surgeons in 2003. Since that time he has provided treatment to hundreds of patients and has in particular specialised in hip and knee surgery.

Between April 2017 and March 2020 Mr Parker performed over 705 primary hip and knee operations, more than double the national average of 325 for the same period. (source: NJR data centre)

From our client’s stories, we have identified a number of concerns over the decision making process, consent over recommended treatment and surgical performance. These are now forming the basis of our ongoing discussions with the Trust and the Oaks Hospital.

Any orthopaedic surgery is not without it’s risks and it is known that common complications can include:

  • Chronic pain

  • Dislocation

  • Nerve injury

  • Early revision

These risks mean that decisions to proceed to surgery must not be taken lightly. They should only be taken with adequate investigation and a thorough discussion of the risks/benefits with the patient beforehand. In some cases, taking no action, may be the best advice of all as chronic pain or a poor surgical outcome can destroy a person’s normal function and significantly damage their quality of life.

We have created two dedicated teams of lawyers to manage these claims and are in direct communication with the Trust and their legal representatives with a view to working closely to produce a swift resolution on behalf of all of our clients.

We also have a dedicated panel of medical experts to look at these claims and with the assistance of our in house nursing team , are identifying key areas where treatment has fallen below reasonable standards.

The Medical Negligence Team

Following a series of instructions from patients who have been affected by Mr Parker, we have developed a Support Group to help facilitate better communication and identify key issues affecting our client’s lives on a daily basis.

For more information in relation to the support group, please email your query to parkersupport@fs.co.uk and we will respond to you as soon as practicably possible.

The team dealing with these cases are led by the following:

Georgia Briscoe
Georgia Briscoe | Director of Medical Negligence
Christian Beadell
Christian Beadell | Head of Medical Negligence
Francesca Paul | Senior Solicitor
Francesca Paul | Senior Solicitor
Sion Wynne
Sion Wynne | Senior Solicitor

In relation to the support group, Head of Medical Negligence, Christian Beadell, commented:

“We established the support groups as there are so many people out there who are dealing with pain and associated issues following their surgery and we wanted to offer them support and a listening ear.

“It was our hope that it would help them to speak with other people who are going through a similar thing. We have held our first meeting already and those who attended were able to share experiences and offer advice of how they have dealt with issues that have come to light since their surgery. While it is disappointing that there are so many people affected, it means that they are not alone. There are people out there who understand what they are going through and want to help.

At Fletchers, we have more than 30 years’ experience handling complex and difficult cases. Our dedicated, experienced solicitors understand how medical negligence can impact you; not just physically, but emotionally too. If you feel that you have suffered following surgery undertaken by Mr Parker, please contact our specialist team to discuss your experience.

Call: 0330 013 0251 Email: enquiries@fs.co.uk