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Pregnancy & Birth

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Pregnancy & Birth


Pregnancy should be an exciting and fulfilling time for any mother. From the early stages, right through to preparation for childbirth and thereafter; those involved should feel informed and well looked-after by their medical team. However, there can unfortunately be occasions when substandard care is offered to mother and baby, meaning that avoidable harm or suffering is caused to either or both parties.

On these occasions, you may be entitled to bring a case forward to our medical negligence solicitors.

Fast and efficient case management

Below are a few examples of the pregnancy and birth cases we take on:

  • Avoidable injury to mother
  • Avoidable stillbirth
  • Birth resulting in the death of a child
  • C-section negligence
  • Minor scarring to child due to c-section or instruments at delivery
  • Retained placenta or retained products of conception
  • Avoidable termination of pregnancy

In the above cases, a specialist cross network of medical negligence solicitors is assigned to work through the legal claims process in a fast and efficient manner. This means the process can be completed quickly and professionally, allowing you to move on from the negligent treatment you have suffered with as much ease as possible.

Complex and multifaceted case types

The below cases are often more complex; requiring more time and a wider expansion of third-party experts to untangle and conclude the case. These cases are therefore handled by our Serious Injury solicitors; who are specifically trained in the litigation of multifaceted negligence claims.

  • Injuries to a child, save for death of the child, or minor scarring from c-section or instrumental delivery
  • Preventable cerebral palsy

Specialist teams to support your claim

The Fletchers Medical Negligence team has more than 400 years’ combined experience in dealing with medical negligence and birth injury cases, so you can rest assured that we will bring the best and most experienced legal minds to your case.

Our specialist solicitors are specifically assigned dependant on the scale and complexity of your case, to ensure that those cases which can be processed quickly are done so with the utmost care, and those which require more complex litigation are handled by the appropriate team of lawyers.

Fletchers is one of the leading medical negligence practices in the country, which means that your case will be handled by experienced solicitors in this complex area of the law. It is our belief that mothers and their babies who suffer avoidable harm through negligent pregnancy and birth treatment, should have the right to financial compensation and justice in the eyes of the law.

It is because of this that we operate entirely on a No Win No Fee basis.

Contact us today to find out how we can guide you through the legal process. Call us now on 0330 013 0251 or start your claim today with our online claim form.