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C-section Negligence Claims

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A caesarean section (or C-section) is an operation, where your child is delivered by an incision made in the abdomen and womb. Although it has its risks, C-sections are generally safe, and around 1 in 4 pregnant women in the UK has a caesarean birth.

There are lots of different reasons for caesareans being performed. A C-section might be carried out because the position of your baby within the womb makes a vaginal birth more difficult, or you might have had an emergency C-section because labour didn’t fully progress.

Whatever the reason for your caesarean, you have the right to receive a certain standard of care from those looking after you and your baby.

How might you be affected by C-section negligence?

If you’ve experienced negligent treatment during the birth of your child, this could have a negative effect on your recovery and overall wellbeing. A significant recovery time could impact your ability to care for your baby; stealing crucial bonding time that you will be unable to get back.
As well as the physical repercussions, you might experience emotional trauma related to your treatment, which can result in anxiety, PTSD, or other psychological conditions. For more information about birth trauma, you can visit The Birth Trauma Association.

Types of C-section negligence claims

C-section negligence can happen when mistakes are made before, during or after the procedure. We help families with the following claim types where negligence is the cause:

  • A delay in caesarean section which compromises the health of the mother and/or infant
  • An infection after a C-section that is not diagnosed or treated properly
  • Stitching that is substandard
  • Cuts or lacerations to the infant
  • Damage to organs

How to claim for medical negligence after a C-section

Midwives, surgeons and everyone involved in your procedure has a duty of care to ensure yours and your child’s safety. Medical negligence occurs when a healthcare professional provides care that falls below expected levels, to a point where it is considered negligent. If you believe you’ve experienced negligence in relation to a caesarean, you may be able to claim compensation.

How our legal team can offer support

Fletchers has been supporting families through birth negligence and birth injury for almost twenty years. We’re experienced in handling C-section claims and will handle your case with care and support, helping you and your family navigate the entire process.

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