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Apprentice Interview: Megann McKay

Apprentice Interview: Megann McKay

March 1, 2019


Apprenticeship: Level 3 Paralegal

The first of five apprentice interviews in this series is with Level 3 Paralegal, Megann McKay.

Megann started her apprenticeship last September after being with the company for over four years.

Q 1. Briefly describe your overall experience of the apprenticeship?

A. My overall experience has been positive. I feel as though it is a good way to gain hands on experience whilst also completing academic studies in a way that is supported by my employer

Q 2. What have been the benefits to you in joining the apprenticeship? i.e. career progression/opportunities, helped become better at current job, etc.

A. I feel as though completing an apprenticeship is investing in my future. I will have a greater variety of roles available to me after I have completed my apprenticeship

Q 3. Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship over the traditional routes? Please give reason for you answer.

A. If the cost of pursuing law through the traditional route is prohibitive, you should definitely consider completing an apprenticeship

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