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Breast Cancer in Men – males be aware

Breast Cancer in Men – males be aware

December 17, 2019

By Amy Hughes, litigation executive in the medical negligence department

Although rare, breast cancer can occur in men as they have a small amount of breast tissue behind the nipple and men are being urged to check for breast cancer symptoms.

The NHS has guidelines on the symptoms to look out for:

  • a lump in the breast – this is usually hard, painless and does not move around within the breast
  • the nipple turning inwards (inverted nipple)
  • fluid oozing from the nipple (nipple discharge), which may be streaked with blood
  • a sore or rash around the nipple that does not go away
  • the nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red or swollen
  • small bumps in the armpit (swollen glands)

Breast cancer in males has been described as being so rare it represented about 1% of all cases, however, given the rarity, it exposes you to a risk of there being a delay in diagnosing the same as it may not be up there as a diagnostic suspicion for treating clinicians.

Most breast masses in men are benign, but they all warrant specialist assessment. If you are worried, do not delay in getting assessed.

Fletchers Solicitors have the specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with delay in diagnosing cancer cases.

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