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Comment: New trial could put an end to painful and potentially life-threatening childbirth infections

November 3, 2022
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Medical Negligence Litigation Executive, Daniel Crowder is hopeful that thousands of women could be spared painful and occasionally life-threatening infections after childbirth.

A major trial involving more than 3,000 women has presented new evidence that could prevent as many as 7,000 maternal infections across the UK, and more than 200,000 infections worldwide, every single year.

Daniel, who has seen first-hand a rise in birth-related medical negligence cases, believes such studies will only help improve the standard of healthcare for mothers and babies in the future.

Daniel said:

“The news that there may be new guidelines for women to be given antibiotics after assisted childbirth will be welcomed by many.

“The results of the recently published UK Study speaks for itself.
I hope it brings about a significant improvement on current clinical practices the post-operative care of women, especially those who have experienced caesarean sections and assisted childbirths as there is often an increased risk of infection.”

Each year, Fletchers Solicitors take on a number of cases where claimants have suffered due to the use of Forceps and Ventouse suction cups.

Medical researchers is now concluding that such birth-aids can increase the risk of infection, and in some rare cases, even develop into life-threatening infections such as Sepsis.

Daniel concluded:

“When we suffer an infection, this can often cause awful and sometimes devastating symptoms, which can be very distressing for patients.

“Financial compensation will never bring back the precious time that a mother would hope to enjoy with her new born baby, but making a claim may help in bringing any shortcomings to light and thereby help to prevent this happening to other.”

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