How Much Compensation Can I Receive From a Serious Injury Claim?

October 12, 2022

Every serious injury compensation case is different from the next, and so the amount of each claim differs greatly. What you can expect from serious injury claims is financial compensation based on the kind of serious injuries you have suffered and how they have negatively impacted your life in both the immediate and long-term. The more severe a serious injury is, the higher the compensation can be for a serious injury claim. If you or a loved one has experienced a serious injury, several factors are included in the calculation of how much financial compensation you are due. These serious injury claim factors often include:

  • Loss of earning potential from work
  • Adaptations to your home
  • Rehabilitation services to regain a quality of life
  • General damages (pain and suffering compensation)

Compensation for a serious injury claim is not black and white, but instead requires a close review of what happened in your specific experience. Contact Fletchers Solicitors to discuss the specifics of your claim and how you may be able to get the financial compensation you deserve.

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