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Fletchers Solicitors 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report

Fletchers Solicitors 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report

April 3, 2019

At Fletchers Serious Injury, we are dedicated to tackling inequality. We are firm believers in equality of opportunity and we are working hard to ensure that our company is representative.

We are market leaders

As market leaders in our sectors of serious injury and medical negligence, we believe it is our duty to reject discrimination and ease adversity, particularly as these are everyday challenges for some of our brilliant clients.

With this in mind, we try to create a healthy and inclusive environment for our team members, both legal and non-legal. We believe it is right that businesses like ours are required to publish information in relation to gender and pay.

60% of our workforce is female

Over 60% of our workforce is female and, as the pay quartile chart in our report illustrates, women are well represented at all levels, including many middle and senior managers in the upper quartile. We continue to improve diversity through our action plan which includes mentoring, succession planning and ongoing development

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