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Motorcyclist receives six figure settlement following road traffic accident

Motorcyclist receives six figure settlement following road traffic accident

December 16, 2019

A 23-year-old has been awarded a six figure settlement following a road traffic accident.

The man was travelling on his motorbike in September 2016 when a car pulled out of a side road, into his path. The driver admitted liability for the collision.

The man consequently suffered a shattered right knee cap, multiple fractures and ligament injuries to his left leg and knee, a fractured left foot and fractured right great toe.

He had to have multi-ligament reconstruction and screw fixation for his left knee and was kept in hospital for 16 days. He remained in leg braces until December 2016.

After persistent pain and issues, in June 2019 he was then diagnosed with soft tissue tendon damage to his right knee, and still suffers limited range of movement in his left knee from cartilage damage.

He has been told he will need a partial or total right knee replacement by the age of 70.  He has also suffered episodes of PTSD and an adjustment disorder, involving anxiety and depressed moods.

Fletchers Solicitors handled the case with Emma Jackson, a litigation executive in the Serious Injury Department, representing the client.

Emma said:

This settlement has allowed our client to move forward from the accident and given him the means to have the support and rehabilitation that he needs now and in the future.

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