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January 1, 1970

Your holidays are precious, and as such, you may save year-round to enjoy a single package holiday break overseas. So, when something goes wrong that wasn’t your fault, it can put a great deal of emotional and financial strain on you and your family. At Fletchers, we understand the stress and inconvenience you might experience when your package holiday goes wrong. We can support your claim for compensation, and navigate the choppy legal waters on your behalf. Our experienced travel litigation team has many years of successful package holiday claims under their belt. We are well versed on the delicate nature of processing a compensation claim arising from an accident abroad, and will handle all the paperwork for you – so that you can focus on yourself and your family.

Most common package holiday injuries we see:

The most common injuries we see as a result of holiday accidents are soft tissue injuries and fractures. However, some accidents can result in severe, life altering injuries, or even death. We have represented clients who have suffered paralysis as a result of accidents on holiday and supported family members through fatality cases.

How you might be affected by an accident on a package holiday

When you suffer an accident on holiday, at best your package holiday will feel tarnished. The inconvenience that can follow as a result of a slip or trip on holiday can be incredibly stressful. You might have to arrange additional flights to ensure you can receive prompt treatment back home, and you will likely need to consult your insurance company which can throw up further complications. There are financial considerations to take into account too; the cost of paying for treatment at the local hospital, for prescriptions or recovery aids.
Dependant on the extent of your injury, your recovery time could be extensive. This might mean then rest of your holiday is ruined. You may need time away from work once you get back home, and there could be additional costs associated with physiotherapy or other treatments.
In some case, the trauma of an accident on holiday can be wide reaching. For those who have suffered a very serious injury, or who have lost a family member following a fatal accident; it can be a nightmare scenario. At this most difficult of times, our experienced travel litigation team will take the burden of the claim process off your shoulders, so you can focus on recovery.

How our legal team can offer support

There is a natural trepidation when pursuing a package holiday claim, which we wholly appreciate. Customers generally have concerns about their rights and which law applies. Our specialist team can guide you through the entire process of your travel litigation claim, as we are well versed in both English and international laws. All our evidence gathering is done in house, and we have a network of overseas experts who can provide bespoke advice and support as required. We will provide you with comprehensive advice, from the outset, and will ensure that your case is presented in the strongest and most effective way.

  • Slip, trips & fall: These are accidents occurring in the internal and external areas of the hotel grounds, i.e. in restaurants, bars or on paths/walkways.
  • Accidents from use of the facilities: Injuries arising, for example, from the use of swimming pools, on site water parks, gymsAccident during excursions; these could be accidents that occur during boat trips or organised sports activities i.e. watersports, which are part of the package holiday.
  • Hotel transfers: If your transfer vehicle (bus, car or coach) is involved in an accident, this can also be covered as part of a package holiday claim
  • Assault by member of staff: Although rare, these incidents can and do occur. If you have been assaulted on the hotel premises, you may be able to bring a claim
  • Other Defects: This might include (but is not limited to); leaking air conditioner units creating a slipping hazard, chairs and sunbeds collapsing on normal use, unsecured parasols causing injury in windy conditions.

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