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A dispensing error

A dispensing error

Medical Negligence

A dispensing error

Our customer, Caroline developed an itch at the top of her legs and decided to attend her local hospital for treatment. The hospital suspected the itching may have been caused by a bite and therefore Caroline was prescribed a cream to help ease the itching.

Caroline was given the prescription for the cream, which she picked up from the pharmacy before returning home. The application instructions advised for the cream to be applied from head to toe and left on for 10-12 hours before washing off.

Upon arriving home, Caroline applied the cream to her skin, however, after an hour her skin began to burn and she immediately washed the cream off. During the night, Caroline, still in discomfort from applying the cream kept having cold baths to soothe her skin from the burning sensation. Caroline’s skin then began to blister.

The next day she spoke with the pharmacy who advised her to take antihistamine and also attended her GP. Caroline’s GP gave her some cream for the itch; however, this didn’t help the burning.

Caroline continued to suffer over the next few days, the burning sensation all over her body meant she was also struggling to sleep. She continued to use the cream her GP had given her and although it took away the itch, she was still left with the burning feeling.

Over a week later, Caroline returned to hospital and explained what had happened, showing them the cream she’d originally been prescribed. She was then advised she had been given the wrong cream and had applied a cream for head lice, all over her body. This had caused the burning she’d been experiencing.

Caroline then purchased an over the counter cream to help ease the burn and she was given another prescription for the correct treatment cream. She suffered a very itchy rash and then burning sensation for around three weeks before her skin started to return to normal.

Caroline contacted Fletchers to bring a claim against the pharmacy for their dispensing error, which had caused her skin reaction and irritation. We investigated her claim and successfully achieved a four-figure sum Caroline.

Amy Kirk, a lawyer within our medical negligence department, handled Caroline’s case and said,

It’s unfortunate that Caroline had to suffer such irritation to her skin due to a pharmacy’s error. I hope the compensation will help her put the experience behind her.

Caroline’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

Case Personnel

Amy Kirk - Case Lawyer

Key case timeline


Caroline was prescribed a cream to help an itch which had developed on her legs. However the pharmacy dispensed the wrong cream and she had applied head lice cream all over her body. Caroline's skin began to burn shortly after application and she needed to take cold baths to sooth her skin. Her skin also blistered.


We investigated Caroline's claim and successfully achieved a four-figure settlement.


After purchasing an over the counter cream to ease the burn and getting another prescription for the correct cream, Caroline suffered an itchy rash and burning sensation but her skin returned to normal after approximately three weeks.

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